Rentrop & Straton - 17 years of business excellence

Welcome to Rentrop & Straton, a German-Romanian partnership specialized in publishing and businss consultancy. Rentrop & Straton is known as a leader in business and judicial publications in Romania.


Rentrop & Straton is member of VNR - Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtshaft AG international network (Bonn, Zurich, Bucharest, Moscow, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Johannesburg, Sofia). VNR is one of the top German speciality publishing firms and is a continuous support with valuable know-how from over 30 years of experience.


Over the past 17 years, 175,000 Romanian companies bought at least one Rentrop & Straton product and more than 150,000 accountants turned to our “Advisors” publications (“Consilier”) seeking consultancy in their field. We fabricate concepts, and we develop online marketing tools that bring us closer to our partners. In this respect, we are the best! The best you can find in Business Consulting, Accounting seminars and products, and labor legislation specialists. 

We launched the “Business Ideas” magazine (“Idei de Afaceri”) in 1993 and afterwards we continued with our first issue of “Advisor” – the “Taxes and Duties Advisor”.

“We offered businessmen exactly the type of information they needed, at the right time: specialized information! And we continue to  deliver it to them.”, says Mr. George Straton, President.

What was next?

The “Advisor” collection totals 16 titles, now. Other collections added up to it. RENTROP & STRATON covers all the interest domains for the Romanian business environment:

Labor Legislation
Human Resources
Social Insurance
Business Opportunities
Personal Development and Education

We organize the Accounting and Taxation National Seminar since 1998, along with the Finance Ministry. Our Labor Legislation National Seminar gathered over 250 participants, in March 2010. Our Financial analysis, Budgets, Cash-Flow, Controlling and Liquidity Seminar became a brand among the financial management specialists.

Specialized Consulting, up to date legislation, new products; 16 publications under “Advisor” brand, three published magazines, 200 CD products, 120 business books, 16 free online magazines, specialized seminars every month. Our successful titles include: Tax and Duties Advisor, V.A.T.  Advisor, Accounting Advisor, Romanian Magazine for Accounting Monographs, 101 job description templates, “Business for Sale” collection.

We’re developing 950 online projects, with 80,000 unique visitors/day, in average. The most well-known Rentrop & Straton online portals are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Each website has a daily free newsletter distributing specialized information. We have a portfolio of 12 free electronic magazines - and 21 free newsletters -, meant for you to become the best in your area of activity.

We are growing increasingly better. We are improving our products each day so we can offer you the best products to support you in your activity. Our authors are well-prepared specialists and leading consultants working for the ministries of interest. They all have met here to support us in creating premium products. Just for you!